Splashing colors tht have a estract back round:)

I like this painting because it has a lot of colors splashing right up into the air. I also noticed that the painter used primary and secondary colors. I think the artist made the background black so that the colors will really stand out.

Chewing in Venice: giant bubble-gum sculptures by Simone Decker

Frankfurt-based artist, Simone Decker, installed a series of giant bubble gum installations across Venice as part of the Biennale.

I like how the smoke clouds show how colors mix effectively

British photographer Mark Mawson drops paint into water and photographs the beautiful results for his Aqueous photo series entitled Aqueous Fluoreau. The images are stunning not only for their vibrant colors but their almost sculptural appearance.

CourtePointe(quilt)art installation 2012, by Philippe Allard and Justin Duchesnea  used milk crates

Project 365 – Day 251: Trying out some Trey Ratcliff Lightroom presets

CourtePointe(quilt)art installation by Philippe Allard and Justin Duchesnea used milk crates

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Christmas Fairy Lights in Trees, Winter Photography, Blue Green, Fine Art Landscape Photograph, Large Wall Art - Sparkle and Dance

Vivid Sydney 2013

Last night we headed down to check out Vivid Sydney 2013 . As always the light festival never fails to impress.