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two white pillows on a wooden bench with tassels hanging from the back
the crocheted bag is shown in two different colors
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a white pillow with tassels on it sitting on a chair next to a potted cactus
two white pillows with tassels on them sitting on a crocheted blanket
several pillows and bows on a bed with white headboard in the background, including one black and white polka dot bow
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crocheted bag with tassels and pom - pom on top
crochet cactus plant with pink flowers on it's head and the text, free crochet pattern cactus pillow
How To Crochet A Cactus Pillow- Free Pattern With Video -
a green crocheted cactus pillow with a pink flower on it's back
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three different heart shaped pillows sitting on top of a bed
Candy Heart Pillow Free Crochet Pattern - DIY Magazine