Jaqueline Lovegood

Jaqueline Lovegood

Eu juro solenemente não fazer nada de bom. "Não tenha pena dos mortos e sim dos vivos, principalmente daqueles que vivem sem amor." A.D "After all this time?"
Jaqueline Lovegood
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You’ll never be alone by viria13 ~ Golden Trio

hmm,did I like.drew the golden trio? haha,don't know,felt SO MUCH to draw them hope you'll like I must say I am in love with Ron here. EDIT: oh guys a. You'll never be alone.

young Lily Evans and James Potter

I love this part in DH part James is looking at Lily with a "hey girl, you want to go make the savior of the wizarding world?>>> Pinning only for that comment cause oh my god

I've always loved the Snape/Lily thing... But this made me tear up ):

This may be one of the best fan images I've ever seen. Props to whoever created this. Snape looking into the Mirror of Erised. I feel so sad looking at this!