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STOP THROWING AWAY ALKALINE BATTERIES! You can safely recharge them! No need to buy expensive heavy metal (Ni-MH, NiCad) batteries that sometimes only work for a couple cycles and crap out. Save hundreds on batteries each year!

How to Recharge Alkaline Batteries | Backdoor Survival

Did you know that you can recharge alkaline batteries? All you need is the right type of alkaline battery charger in order to give new life to your dead batteries.

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Iron Man Inspired Repulsor Beam Blaster V1.0

Iron Man Inspired Repulsor Beam Blaster V1.0: Homebrew repulsor beam blaster that’s designed to produce extremely intense burst of light that can be used to repulse your archnemesis, girlfriend, wife and pet cat :P Coincidentally a few days ago (July 13th) is the “Embrace Your Geek…

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Full Battery Reconditioning – How To Recondition Batteries

How To Easily Bring Your Dead Batteries Back To Life - Off The Grid News

I just recently started buying batteries in 100 packs. A few short years ago, you couldn’t do that. But we use so many handheld electronic devices nowadays that it’s just about to the point where batteries are going to have to become a separate line item on most people’s budgets. A few people have solved ...