wow, great tattoo

Amazing details : Dmitriy Samohin « – Armored Warrior Tattoo – The best realistic tattoo artists in the world.

Confira tatuagem impressionante que parece uma peça de armadura

This particular knight will never be without his armor thanks to this beautiful tattoo done by Dmitry Bronya. It looks just like an armored shoulder pad and even has an angel etched into the armor plate. (Notice the scar & slashed armor!

Gladiator Armor Tattoo -

Gladiator armor with Serbian Special Forces crest on shoulder (B) Likes this. I may have to incorporate this into my tattoo.

Don't like. Too much like armour

The twins (Lucas and Mason) and their older brother Paul, all have half sleeve celtic armor tattoos.

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Tatuagens feitas com técnica de aquarela

Wolf tattoo designs are hugely popular in the west and it's easy to see why. The wolf symbolises loyalty, strength and wisdom, all of which are admirable!