Luminária feita de madeira maciça e resina.

"I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love" - CONOR OBERST - (Fusion Lamp)

The negative space on this table is mesmerizing. Handmade Organic Wood Mosaic Coffee Table |

Handmade Organic Wood Mosaic Coffee Table from Dot & Bo. Its open center adds geometric visual interest, and the plexiglass inserts can be removed or added to create a solid surface to hold up a decorative centerpiece.

Banco em madeira maciça com resina!

Bent Bench by Alcarol. Alcarol uses resin to preserve worm holes in wooden benches. An interesting way to get up close and personal with the wood grain.

Gravetos e resina... Imagine um banco!!

DESIGN PRODUCT DESIGN Kisimi Frosted Driftwood Cube, by Bleu Nature. Furniture cube - a handcrafted acrylic glass cube with embedded frosted branches and driftwood cut, sanded and hand polished to transparency.

Troncos de árvore envolto em resina para criar um banco... Atemporal

Now on SALE & originally discovered in Paris, these Nilleq & Hekla side tables, featuring driftwood logs encased in acrylic glass, make for a serious design statement.

Detalhe de mesa em madeira com resina utilizada como preenchimento de falhas. Perfeito

MANUFRACT® creates handcrafted furniture out of broken pieces of wood which is form filled with an eco resin to establish its final shape