Júnia de Lelis

Júnia de Lelis

Júnia de Lelis
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Elvis signing autographs for fans in Nashville ~ February 25-26, 1965 while he was in town for the recording session for Harum Scarum (Harem Holiday).

♡♥Elvis relaxes smoking a cigarette and signs autographs for his fans in Nashville,Tennessee on February while he was in town doing recording sessions for his movie 'Harum Scarum'♥♡

Björk // Photo by Frank Bauer // 1998

Me gusta lo que opina Bjork yo pienso igual - " when i’m in nature everything falls into place . i'm just one tiny piece of a big jigsaw puzzle , and I like that " - björk, 2008 -

Democritus meditating on the seat of the soul by Léon-Alexandre Delhomme

Democritus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - response to Aristotle's cosmological argument/unmoved mover- atomist