I bring the full fledge Limit Breaker Goku with no BG just the aura.for helping create a rough sketch for his lower legs. Please do me a favor and watch.

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Just like Goku, this one is an HD Remake of a character art in DBZ Dokkan Battle. instead of ssgss, i made him into ssg cause it seems quite fitting.

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This is also another thing I would love to learn how to do and that is I believe called group art where you take 2 or more images and sketch them together like for example this pin right here

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Goku Limit Breaker Ultra Instinct

Goku Transformed Into God Level Vs Jiren Dragon Ball Super Goku Transformed Into God Level Vs Jiren

Future Trunks - Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball Fighterz Trunks SSJ by PlayerOtaku