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Not the best swan art🦢, but do you still want a latte?☕ 📽️: @ourcofffeeshelter 💖 Like and share with a coffee friend Follow✅ @coffeeounce for more
an image of a fishing reel with the handle extended to it's center spool
3d Printing, Train Set, 3d Printer, Printer, Pull Cart, Gauges
WARHAMMER 40K Armored train loco - 18 mm scale - 1:87 HO gauge w/ motor by Ivailo
two blue lion statues sitting next to each other on a gray surface with grids in the background
Chinese Guardian Lions (Separated and Fixed) by kooshking
Remixed this pair of lions for printing separately. Also fixed the based so it sits properly on the bed.
Toyota "Custom Modified" 2JZ Engine 3D Printed Engine

It is made in high quality SLA Resin printer.

The 3D model is special designed with all the details.

Perfect gift for the petrolhead and JDM lovers.

The model comes to you just like you see in the pictures. Colours included.

Notice that this is a non-mechanical show based decor model engine.

Its dimensions are;

W: 11.2 cm
H: 8.3 cm
L: 10.8 cm

Pallet stand will be send to you.

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Toyota custom Modified 2JZ Engine 3D Printed - Etsy
a blue mask is shown on a gray surface
Predator Mask Revision 1 by Jace1969
an image of a blue globe on a gray background
Textured Earth by bld
This is a model of Earth made of a sphere with two displacement maps. A specular map displaces the land & ice masses above the oceans. A topography map adds texture to the land. This exaggerates the texture more than a topography map alone. It was inspired by http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:14070 and http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11660 Now available on Github: https://github.com/bld/Textured-Earth
a blue object on a gray surface with reflection in the floor and light reflecting off it's side
globe earth globus by Syzguru11
easter egg earth by Syzguru11 - Thingiverse Eggs, Easter, Easter Eggs, Egg
easter egg earth by Syzguru11
easter egg earth by Syzguru11 - Thingiverse
4tifr_medium Games, 3d Printer Models, Cnc Software, Piracy, 3d Printer Projects, 3d Printing Diy
Plastic piracy: DRM won't cripple 3D printing
Modular+28mm+Scale+Ships+by+OfAMillionProblems. Models, Dragons, Scale
Modular 28mm Scale Ships by Traotor
Chinese 12 zodiacal animals by stronghero - Thingiverse Animals, Lion Sculpture, Chinese, Figures
Chinese 12 zodiacal animals by stronghero
Chinese 12 zodiacal animals by stronghero - Thingiverse
a close up of a mechanical device on a desk next to a keyboard and mouse
Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects
Makes of Working 5 speed transmission model for Toyota 22RE engine by Carsten1970 - Thingiverse
a blue barrel sitting on top of a tiled floor
Rocket Pig Games: Barrel by rocketpiggames
Rocket Pig Games: Barrel by rocketpiggames - Thingiverse