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One of the major stereotypes when it comes to Indians is the stereotype of their accents. Although there are some people with rather peculiar accents, not all of them speak in the way western cultures portray.  I find it kind of annoying when non-Indians say things like "You're Indian? But your English is so good!" to me.

Media tells us that people from India wear weird clothes, and always smell like Nag Champa. Their accents are portrayed on TV as really thick and hard to understand. They are actually really nice people and bollywood dancing is pretty rad.

Krusty The Klown Lifesize Cardboard Cutout / Standee - The Simpsons

Life sized cut-out of Krusty The Clown Free standing - includes fold out support Made of high quality durable cardboard Measures tall Folds flat for storage and delivery .

Bart Simpson is my favorite character from "The Simpsons"!

Bart Simpson is my favorite character from "The Simpsons"! Although I don't/never want to swear a lot, I mostly act like Bart, saying "I'm Bart Simpson.