Strip Quilts

Ideas, tutorials, and patterns for quilts that are made with strips, strip quilts, strip piecing.
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a blue and white quilt with squares on the top, in front of a white background
Indigo June Baby Quilt
In Color Order: Indigo June Baby Quilt
two pieces of quilt sitting on top of each other
a person standing in leaves holding up a blue and yellow quilt
Simple Two-Color Baby Free Quilt Pattern
In Color Order: Simple Two-Color Baby Quilt Tutorial
a quilted blanket laying on top of a white table next to a pair of scissors
Cutts & Sons
a quilted table runner made out of colorful fabrics
I'm actually getting it done...
Beautiful string quilt in progress
the rugs are on the floor next to the coffee table
WIP: Diamonds
A few months ago, I got an itch to make some string diamonds, after seeing this instagram post by Ramonarose . Strings are always fun to wor...
a colorful quilt is laying on the floor
a quilter's machine is working on a colorful quilt
What I’m Working On…
a multicolored quilt is laying on the ground
a quilt is hanging on a fence post in the grass with mountains in the background
a piece of fabric that has been made into a quilt
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