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"hello i'm wes. i'm 21 and i'm sadly single, but that's okay ladies. anyways i came to this school on scholarship, well half. uh i got a sports scholarship for basketball so now i play basketball here.. anyways other than basketball, i like surfing and stuff. anyways introduce?"

[ fc - wes tucker ] "aye, i'm wesley but i go by wes.

Wes Tucker❤️❤️❤️❤️

Wes Tucker )) Hey Im Axel. Real names Alexander but dont call me that.F and Calvin Klein. I like to party, surf, skateboard, draw/graffiti, and meet new people. Im currently looking for a girlfriend so say whats up

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Amava tanto esse triângulo!!!  #Série: Grey's Anatomy [9x01]  da série: #LLLA_greysanatomy | #greysanatomy

Amava tanto esse triângulo!!! #Série: Grey's Anatomy [9x01] da série: #LLLA_greysanatomy | #greysanatomy

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