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shining-latios: “ Because lava lamps are only one of my favorite things ever and I’m sure Peridot would enjoy them too.

sans human, papyrus human and frisk <<<= jfc it's like Ranma 1/2

sans human, papyrus human and frisk <<<= jfc it's like Ranma Cleverrr:)))

Referencia de olhos.

Practicing different anime eye styles. Do note they are not in different art styles, but in different shapes instead. It's important to experiment with the eye shape.

Desenho, expressões.

Imma do this with Jay, Winx, Slipstream, Vexa and Chloe💗

HtD: Head Direction by on #face #draw #drawing

head angles, im rlly bad at this so this wld be helpful i hope

Hairstyles aiiii

Anime hair styles for anime drawing

fight poses - Pesquisa Google

Battle Poses- Ass Kicking by *NebulaInferno deviantART

You can use these postures! But If you use this ref - put the link!!! on my DA or this art! Please. Thanks part01&part02&part03&part05:

Some sketchy copies from one of Kate-FoX's tutorial pieces. Copy's and Studies: Kate-FoX fem body's 4

reddit: the front page of the internet

The room of your memories (article)

50 diferentes estilos de cabelos para referência, masculino.

Anime hairstyle reference guide for your next haircut - OtakuSmash