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Left to right: Maddie is 14 and loves to sing and dance. Megan is 15 and loves art. Kelsey is 17 and likes to sew and read <<< I honestly don't know what THAT is, but rapunzel in the middle looks really pretty with that hair. I love this pic

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Caroline, is a beautiful 18 year old who loves to set up pretend weddings. She daydreams and her parents died when she was Needs a forever home. Uh don't you mean photoshoped image of Elsa in rapunzel's wedding dress?

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Oh ho ho! Elsa's getting married! I wonder who the guy will be . Don't anyone dare say Jack Frost.《it's Jack Frost Jelsa is the best!

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This is Anteli her favrioute couler is blue she likes dancing ice skating and going to parties she loves wearing ball gowns she is 15 and looking for a family Please adopt.

Vestidos de 15 Anos

Vestidos de 15 Anos


Elsa of Arendelle, Queen of Ice and Snow <<< I think she is just Queen of Arendelle, not of ice and snow.but idk. <<< Um, she's based off of the Ice Queen! Of course she's the queen of ice.