Jessica Monik
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1. Place your hair into a high ponytail 2. Cut the end of a sock so that you can place out ponytail through it (the bigger the sock, the fuller your bun will be) 3. Fan your hair out, making sure the sock is covered all around, then put a hair tie over it 4. Take the remaining hair and split it in half 5. Braid each side and wrap around base of bun

Another take in the sock bun! Push the sock down to the bottom of the pony tail. Spread the hair out around the sock and secure with an elastic. Braid the remaining hair wrapping it around the bun, pinning it down till its secure.

I wish I could perfect this way of the donut bun, but it nver seems to work out. I will have to keep trying! :)

Make your daughter a Sock Bun! easy and you can either use a color sock to match her hair color . Have fun with cute hair desins.cute wedding or flower girl look. It looks so cute and you only need a few things .

Another lazy day hair-do. So simple and when you get done put in a headband and you're ready to go. This was my hair today! A messy bun is my go-to when I haven't much time but still want to look chic!

Practical and easy bun hairstyle. Making a hair bun is easy to do yourself, and a simple way of getting a classic hair updo that will keep you cool, fix bad hair days and give you a chic hairstyle.