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cute sketch of couple

Although their mournful and tired expressions<<<sorry for the bad vibes but this reminds me of Percy and Annabeth after Tartarus

Best picture ever!

God gave us the gift of children to help us understand just how much He loves us, and wants us to love Him and each other. I cried when I pictured my family in this picture. So sweet

(Open rp need some one to be the guy) We talked for a while and then I couldn't even hold it anymore. I just leaned up and grabbed his face and kissed him. He didn't kiss back. God I'm an idiot! I get up and start running away feeling tears streak my face and the I hear James yell my name. "Claire!!!" I just keep running.

Read Porque todo me sucede a mi from the story No creo en el amor by valerie-panda (baby panda) with reads.

That would be me because i like to hug something in my sleep and like to rap my leg around stuff

Nina is a gossip/sex columnist who uses their bedroom as the stage for all her articles. And Daniel, well he just really loves Nina.

Cliff and skylar

This looks like Jellal and Erza but the guy doesn't have Jellals tattoo. I will just use my imagination. <---- It looks like Garry and Ib.

8tracks | Refreshingly human playlists.

is Radio, rediscovered - long distance mix () by