Giverny--Monet's Garden, France..  My Monet <3

~I dream about this place, but I am always there at night~ Monet's Garden, Giverny Village, France.

Maldives. Okay, my bags are already packed.

The Ayada Maldives Resort is a holiday destination located on the island of Maguhdhuvaa. The holiday resort has a selection of 112 villas, consisting of 33

Best 'bunk room' ever!

My older two boys share a room and sleep in bunk beds. Since we moved them to bunk beds it's been great as it has opened up a ton of space in their room for quiet time away from the chaos of the rest of the house. I love bunk beds.

Hot Spring Bath at Sanga Ryokan Ryokan | Japanese Guest Houses

Hot Spring Bath at Sanga Ryokan (Japanese style inn), Kurokawa Onsen, Kumamoto

green roof, green lawn, green house, green ! green! green!

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects. Wierd, but I think it would be really nice to inhabit. It's also an interesting application of green roofs/roof gardens to a very modern, otherwise steel and concrete design.

Pamukkale in Turkey..take me here!

Pamukkale - Tutkey *The Cotton Castle* a natural site in Denizli Province in south-western Turkey. The city contains hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water.

Win $500 to Shop at Chairish c/o Design Love Fest

Win $500 to Shop at Chairish c/o Design Love Fest

one day ill go in a hot air balloon

Hot air balloons over Cappadocia, Turkey. I'm anxious to visit Cappadocia and other places in Turkey. I've only been to Istanbul, Kusadasi, Ephesus but I absolutely adored Turkey and want to see more. BTW, the food in Turkey is SO GOOD!