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some pink flowers are on a piece of linen with green stems in the middle and one is stitching
...late afternoon stitching after a day in the garden...what a beautiful day its been...I guess if we are to be in lockdown then I'll take… | Instagram
some yellow flowers are embroidered onto a piece of blue material with stitching on it
Yellow Paper Daisy from Australian Landscape and Flora stitched by Lorna Loveland – Embroiderers' Guild ACT
a close up of a flower on a piece of cloth with green thread and needles
Basque (2)
cotton thread for flower - some single petals, some doubled.
a pink flower with green stems on a piece of cloth that has been stitched together
8 Embroidered Flower Tutorials
7 Embroidered Flower Tutorials – Needle Work
"Easy Basic Flower Embroidery Tutorial 🪡 | DIY Floral Stitching Guide"
Learn how to create beautiful basic flower embroidery with our step-by-step tutorial. Perfect for beginners! 🌸✨ #Embroidery #DIYCrafts #FloralStitching
Embroidered love stitch border.#diy #reels #embroidery
most trending embroidery stitch border design.#trending #reelsfb #reels #reelsfb #handmade #viralreels #reelsinstagram #reels #viral
an embroidered piece of cloth with flowers on it
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