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Explore the best of luxury closet design in a selection curated by Boca do Lobo to inspire interior designers looking to finish their projects. Discover unique walk-in closet setups by the best furniture makers out there

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Tucked away amongst sand-dunes and coconut palms on a vast beach of Kenya, this down-to-earth dwelling is pure imagination. It is beautifully described as a house of light, flowing lines and quiet spaces that is open to the elements and fresh air…

Whether real or ornamental, I have always had a bit of a thing for birds. While I appreciate the beauty and majesty of big bird.

For Whitney Neat stuff . 24 Survival Tips for Living Alone - even if I don't live alone, some of these tips are good to know!

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Fight oily dust with.more oil. Use cooking oil or mineral oil to get rid of the oily dust and residue above the stove. After use soap and a sponge to clean the oil you used.

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