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Gorgonops | Gorgonops: Gorgonops

Art gallery of Raúl Martín. Paleoart, realistic reconstructions of dinosaurs and others prehistoric animals.

Torvosaurus gurneyi fue encontrado en Portugal. Habitó Europa durante el Jurásico y se trataría del mayor depredador conocido del continente.

Torvosaurus gurneyi, named after paleo-illustrator James Gurney of Dinotopia fame, measured 10 meters ft) and possessed teeth 10 centimeters in) long. It is also thought to possess a light covering of fuzz or bristles, precursors to feathers.

Fascinante! Leão com melanismo. #beauty #perfoo

A black lion. You can not have a lion as a pet, but it is beautiful. Having a black cat is as beautiful. This lion is a cat and it is lucky and not evil either. Signing off for tonight. Have fun pinting. The Incensewoman