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When whales decay the seafloor, their enormous carcasses give life to mysterious worlds inhabited by an assortment of bizarre creatures.

Whale Fall: Life After Death - A whale fall occurs when a whale carcass sinks to the ocean bottom. Learn why a whale fall can become a site for discovering new underwater species.

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Decomposition of a whale carcass in Monterey Canyon over 7 years (Picture: MBARI).

A fallen whale can fuel new life on the ocean floor.

Occasionally dead whales will wash up on the shore but  more often than not they fall to the seabed in the deep ocean. In this food-poor habitat the carcasses represent a food bonanza; 200 years...

Stages of a Whale-fall ROLE: whale illustration, art direction, and page design; PRODUCT: "The Prolific Afterlife of Whales," By Crispin T.

I study some of the weirdest animals from whale-fall habitats, Osedax worms. This specialised group makes a living by boring into and eating the whale bones – and they do this without any mouth,...

Bone Eating Snot Flower, a sea worm that feasts on dead whales.They are also called boneworms, zombie worms, or bone-eating worms.

Whale Carcasses Become Hotspots for Ocean Life  |

Whale Carcasses Become Hotspots for Ocean Life

Searching for Life at the Rosebud Whale Fall | Nautilus Live - YouTube

The team of E/V Nautilus dives on the Rosebud whale fall in search of the strange and beautiful life it supports. E/V Nautilus is exploring the ocean studyin.

Observing a Natural Whale Fall | Nautilus Live | YouTube

Observing a Natural Whale Fall on the Ocean Floor