Mega Gardevoir Gaaaah Mega Gardevoir ~ So pretty, love love love X) They made a pretty pokemon even more beautiful. *Q* Drew them on a mirrored bed of roses.


Pika-pool wants to know if you're entering in the Pokemon Music Contest. We hope you answer correctly.👍 Regram from CESAR ANTONIO VIDAL

jamás lo pensé como algo por el estilo

Artist pastlexican has shown their depiction of what the inside of Pokeballs looks like should be too- Pokemon

Cute and funny pokemon

shockuh: “ Mew and Jirachi eating Mcdonalds. ” These are two of my fav legendary pokemon. Or at least, the two that can look cute sitting on food. Mewtwo probably couldn’t pull that off.


Check Out These Adorable Pokémon in Onesies. It's a mew in a mew-two onesie!

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