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Public School Librarians in Chicago Ordered to Remove Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis from Shelves. What's new step, "autodafé" ?

Proud to be a Tarheel.

Proud to be a Tarheel.

Even If You Do Nothing. sooo do something. and do shit you can be proud of. urself.

I dedicate this pin to my mother. The doer of nothingness! Unless it benefits her of course!

MAKE YOURSELF PROUD by Raquel GO!, via Flickr (Or become the man you want to be!  Or something in between!  Whatever!  Just be awesome <3 )

How about being the person you are instead of telling women they have to live up to someone else's expectations? Why when talking about being the woman you want to be are they always showing a picture? Are women only seen?

proud to be a freak

"I'm Very Proud To Be A Freak Cuz I Don't Need To Be A Walking Stereotype" I am proud, people are quick to class people and stereotype them. I proud to be a happy mixture of everything and be me :)