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How to fertilize soil with eggshells

Now you don& have to throw the eggshell after you& used the egg for an omlet.I will tell you some ways to reuse the eggshell . How to fertilize soil with eggshells ?

How to control aphids organically. Grate the peels of lemons and then juice them. Throw the peel into boiling water simmer for 1/2 hour. Pour the lemon juice into a spray can & spray the affected leaves and stems. Aphids hate citrus, and will either die or disappear Water with the boiled peel water around the plants. Where your plants are under serious attack, you’ll need to repeat this every three or four weeks

How to control aphids organically. Use lemon juice as an organic way of killing and repelling aphids from the plants in your garden (Something I might need to try in the greenhouse.

10 Tips For Growing Blackberries - A Healthy Life For Me

I find this amusing because in WA everyone tries to kill and destroy blackberries because they will completely destroy a yard if left alone. Love them, would never risk my yard being taken over by them.