Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Sugar Honey Ice Tea

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if only there were boxes in my classes...

I think they mean cleverness level 99 😆😆😆

Lol ok i had to do one more. Oh and ya know those kids who act out to get attention...even tho it's negative attentiin they still crave and need it? Ya....might want to wonder why if things are so damn perfect he can't let go and stop being so angry and coming at me with shit. And if ya'll are so damn in love...where's the ring?? Lol

Did you see this?

KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Se ela interpretar a Mia do Rebeldes ela precisa de uma estrela de verdade pra botar na testa XD

Que dó. Eu tenho uma testa enorme (mas não igual a dela kk), sei como é.