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DIY Gift BOXes -- Cut colored paper according to the shape put together into a spiral ball. Put your gift inside the ball. DIY Gift Boxes _____________________________ Reposted by Dr.

Coloured Wood Buttons and polka-dotted bags

Coloured Wood Buttons and polka dotted bags (also on gift boxes). DIY gift bag wrap idea and paper craft idea.

CAIXA DE CHÁ | artes datia | Elo7

Caixa de chá

You can trade the tea bags for hot chocolate pockets for people who don't like tea!

DIY paper Flap box {TUTORIAL}

Flap Box Tutorial

Useful gift box idea Flap box TUTORIAL bu Melin. also has instructions to use a lid instead of flap AND a TOWER of 4 boxes that fold into a square and held in place by a lid

Casada e Apaixonada: Embalagem Formato de Fogão

cupcake box printable :) Could this be a doll oven?Its still a very cute cupcake box anyway.

origami star lanterns

Paper Star Lantern Tutorial by passengersonalittlespaceship: Light them with little battery powered tea lights.Special Note: may need to use flameless tealights or the batt powered one.

Chá de Casa Nova // Chá de Panelas // Chá de Cozinha // Decoração // Lembrancinha // Mine Forminha de Bolo de Alumínio com Brigadeiro // DIY // Fofo ^^

Lembrancinha Mine Forminha de Bolo de Alumínio com Brigadeiro DIY para chá de cozinha e panela


very similar to previous one, but with possibility to make mosaic from them, then ideal for storing small objects like beads :) instruction from equilateral triangles of bicolor craft paper (made in Germany:)

Make fun geometric ornaments with this DIY template. #Funkytime

DIY Geometric Paper Ornaments - Set of 8 Paper Polyhedra Templates - Classic Palette

DIY Geometric Favor Boxes

DIY Geometric Favor Boxes