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an old paper doll is shown with instructions on how to make her own dress and shoes
1954 april/ betsy mccall
an advertisement for betty mcc's flower garden with pictures of women in the garden
1954 july/ betsy mccall
an old fashion ad for children's clothing from the 1950's, featuring a man in a suit and dress
an old fashion pattern for children's overalls, shorts and tank tops from the early 1960s
Betsy's goes to the country Paper Dolls - Digital Download
an old advertisement for baby's clothing from the 1950's, featuring children in dresses and accessories
Printable Betsy Mccall Paper Dolls May-december 1951 - Etsy
an old fashion book with pictures of children's clothing and accessories on it, including dresses
1954 march/ betsy mccall
an old advertisement for betty mcc's bathing suit and swimsuits from the 1950's
Betsy McCall finds a suprise
Modern Dollhouse, Christmas Mom
Betsy McCall Paper Dolls
an assortment of children's clothing from the 1950's and 1960s's
Betsy by electricjesuscorpse on DeviantArt
an old fashion magazine page with children's clothes and toys on it, including dresses
Miss Missy Paper Dolls