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Old picture frames with good shapes and details can be easily repainted to match whatever scheme you wish. No glass in the frame? Hang the frame on the wall and tape a picture in the middle for a fun, electic look! (eclectic staircase by Kasey Buick)

Hang pictures without the trial and error:    1. Trace pictures onto brown kraft paper and cut out. Label each of the papers with a description of the picture or a corresponding number.    2. Using blue painter's tape (which won't pull up wall paint), tape the papers to the wall. Experiment with arrangements until you have one you like.    3. Install picture-hanging hardware directly through the paper. Pull paper away and hang pictures one by one.

How to design your wall gallery this first! Trace shape of frame onto paper. Figure out where you want to hang them. Nail the paper into the wall. Then when hanging print, tear paper out and nail is pre-hung in the right spot for you :)

C Orienta - Porta retratos: como usá-los na decoração da sala e corredor?

Love this! It is a great idea if you have a stairway or long hallway. I have one whole wall of pictures of my family in my livingroom like this above the piano. Dream Home,For the Home,Home Sweet Home,There's No Place

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Hook and Chain Cord Hanger: for storing bulky extension cords and more! DIY Garden Yard Garage Storage Shed organization

painel de ferramentas e bancada retrátil

Clever Ideas for a Super Organized Garage - This folding workbench from Bench Solutions is a great way to add a workspace to a garage without a lot of extra space.