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25 Puppies That Will Give You Feels

Bunny perfection

Bunny perfection

if you love bunnys this ones for u. like me i think bunnys are perfect for petsand are cute and fluffy


Doggie Language Artist, animator and dog lover Lili Chin has illustrated Doggie Drawings, a series of cute dog-related posters and commissioned portraits c

Gyrfalcon  This Falcon is just amazingly beautiful and gracious.

A magnificent Gyrfalcon! The Gyrfalcon breeds on Arctic coasts and the islands of North America, Europe, and Asia.

Flameback bird (photo by ric seet)  fabulous photo of mangnificent beauty!

Flameback Woodpecker (photo by ric seet) fabulous photo of mangnificent beauty!

Respect the Rhino

Rhino - did you know that rhino horn is valued more than gold? Read up on what they are doing to help save this amazing creature: ♥♥♥

"Irán siguiendo al Señor; Él rugirá como un león, rugirá y sus hijos vendrán temblando desde occidente"..Oseas 11:10

CONFLICT STYLE: ( Competing) People that have this style put their interest before others. A lion is used to represent competing conflict style because it uses its strength to get what it wants.

Felicidade [raw]

Wine-throated Hummingbird - Photography by Jose Yee . It is not a "Calliope Humming Bird" whatever that may be.

Qlindo meu ❤

27 Puppies Who Are Too Cute To Be Real

This little lady who has ears that are so adorable the entire population of planet Earth has been overcome with cuteness. 27 Puppies Who Are Too Cute To Be Real

Every little boy needs a dog.

dog beauty cute little boy best friend sweet country babies cowboy country boy country life country things


"An Eastern brown pelican on a cold winter's day in Galveston on the Texas Gulf coast, covering its face against the icy Northerly. I looked for direct eye contact." by Irene Amiet Quiroga

The Goliath Beetle.

The Goliath Beetle

The Goliath beetles (named after the biblical giant Goliath) are among the largest insects on Earth, if measured in terms of size, bulk and weight.Goliath beetles can be found.

For The Birds!  Who thought of this? Genius! If you throw it on the ground, you know it's going to get wet and moldy.

Cool idea ~ rather than throw out old stale bread, hang it in a tree for the birds to enjoy!Hopefully it was home-made as bought bread of most kinds has precious little goodness in it. Still a great idea.

A noite é passada, e o dia é chegado; dispamo-nos pois das obras das trevas e vistamo-nos das armas da luz .   Romanos 13:12

Amazing photo of a male lion that looks like he is saying "Are you kidding me?" Jeeeezzz ~ how i look when someone says something stupid