João Henrique Correia

João Henrique Correia
São Paulo, BRA / Art Director - Creative Consultant - Photographer
João Henrique Correia
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For the New York photographer Gail Albert Halaban peek and capture with her camera the private life which takes place behind the windows isn’t just voyeurism but an artistic choice.

Gail Albert Halaban | VIS-à-VIS, PARIS | 6

The future of loneliness As we moved our lives online, the internet promised an end to isolation. But can we find real intimacy amid shifting identities and permanent surveillance? An image from a series titled Out my Window.

Photo credit: Gail Albert-Halaban Quai Anatole, Paris, Le 26 Septembre, 2013 A Photographer’s Voyeuristic Photos of a Paris Neighborhood Captured During Sleepless Nights