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Photographer captures adorable pictures of playful fox cubs

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. A male fox and his playful month-old cub! Photography by Igor Shpilenok, in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, Kamchatka, a remote peninsula in the Russian far east.


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Gorgeous Tigers - two Rare Species - White Tiger and Black Tiger (recessive trait causing melanism: resulting in all black pigmentation of skin and fur)

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I think it's a Mountain Lion.A collection of images & designs that inspire my creative heart & fuel my creative soul.

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T-T-T-TIGERS TIME!The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest cat species, reaching a total body length of up to m ft) over curves and weighing up to kg lb) in the wild. Its most recognisable feature is a pattern of dark vertical st

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sole ancestor of the dog, which was first domesticated in the Middle East. Dogs are the wolf's closest relative (the genetic divergence between gray wolves & dogs is only as opposed to over between gray wolves, Ethiopian wolves & coyot.

Ora, o Deus de esperança vos encha de todo o gozo e paz na vossa fé, para que abundeis na esperança pelo poder do Espírito Santo. Romanos 15:13

I was an ocelot. Including the fastest mammal, the ability to roar, incredible hunting skills and stunning stripy and spotted coats, the big cats are some of the most recognised and admired species on our planet.