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MM Draco Official Colors by SmokeyandtheBandit

This is Draco from Monster Musume. I did this before, but this time I got her official colors.

I wish this happened in real life where we just changed colour all the time

Is it bad that when Jade tackled Dave, John, and Rose, my only thoughts were 'Turn green, motherfuckers!

Luffy X Nami, Robin X Franky, Zoro X Tashigi, Usoop X Kaya, Sanji X Violet/Viola, Ace X ???, Law X Monet, Perona X Mihawk and Shanks and I forgot her name....

The couples most beloved and popular of One Piece in Japan: Since Luffy x Nami (LuNa) - (The LuNa in other countries, how in Europe, America and Asia. The couples with most popularity of OP in Japan