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a dog's life is written on the side of a cabinet
Kitchen Projects - Humphrey Munson
a washer and dryer are in an open cabinet next to the kitchen table
Minimalist Monochrome Kitchen Reveal
the coat rack is full of coats and boots, along with other items on display
Design Inspiration | Boot Room - Humphrey Munson
a coat rack with shoes and purses hanging on the wall next to a rug
10 Unexpected Places You Never Thought to Paint Your Home
a white bench sitting next to a wooden shelf filled with baskets and coats on top of it
Mowlem & Co Create a warm welcome Impress guests as soon as they walk through the front door with a gorgeous grey hue on the walls. This easy-going pale grey has been painted on the walls as well as the bespoke furniture, for a coordinated look.
an empty room with white cupboards and shelves
Humphrey Munson | Beautiful Handmade Kitchens
Project: Ashurst House | Kitchen Design: Nickleby | The Nickleby design embodies the true spirit of the classic contemporary kitchen. | This is the boot room which leads into the kitchen. #humphreymunson
a room with gray cabinets and shoes on the shelves in it's closets
Bespoke Luxury Furniture - Noel Dempsey Design
L a u n d r y & B o o t r o o m
a coat rack filled with coats and shoes next to a wall full of closets
How To Design The Perfect Boot Room (2023)
boot room with coats and hats
the hallway is clean and ready to be used as a place for people to sit
Project Reveal: The Orono House Part I | Bria Hammel Interiors
dreams of farmhouse living – modern farmhouse design in suburbia
a bag sitting on top of a white table next to a wall mounted coat rack
Alyssa Rosenheck: Gray Mudroom Lockers and Bench - Transitional
Gray Mudroom Lockers and Bench
a room with some shelves and baskets on top of the shelf, next to a rug
Alyssa Rosenheck: Gray Beadboard Mudroom Lockers with Modern Brass Hooks
there is a pair of shoes on the floor next to lockers in this room
Brian Watford Interiors
an image of a white room with wooden shelves and toy cars on the shelfs
Australian Interior Design Awards
Gallery | Australian Interior Design Awards