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a wooden frame with an image of a person laying on the ground next to a cross
Max Cleary
Max Cleary Heirloom i (how to move earth), 2023 Archival pigment print, ribbon lei, red oak, walnut, sewing needles 12 x 16 in. / 30.5 x 40.6 cm
an old book with designs on it
an old drawing of some people dancing in the middle of a circle with vines and flowers
an old black and white drawing of birds, horses, and other animals on paper
attributed to Jonas Bentzen | Blackwork Design with Fifteen Motifs | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a cat sitting on top of a vase filled with flowers and leaves, in black and white
an easel with two pictures on the side and one in the middle that is red
Lovelys Gallery on Instagram: "It’s the first #framingfriday of the year and we’re kicking off what we’re hoping will be a fabulous year of framing with these bright red-on-red and yellow-on-yellow frames. The customer came to us with a vision of what they’d like done with the mounts and this was the result!! We love this unusual way of combining old and new with these old black and white photographs surrounded by colour, it’s fabulous to see someone’s framing vision coming to life 😍 #framing #
an old book with drawings of butterflies and flowers on the cover, in black and white
British Library digitised image from page 699 of "Eene halve Eeuw, 1848-1898. Nederland onder de regeering van Koning Willem den Derde en het Regentschap van Koningin Emma door Nederlanders beschreven onder redactie van Dr P. H. Ritter. 3e ... uitgave, et
a drawing of a yellow flower with blue center
black and white flowers are in a vase
MOMENT '13-3 安井良尚 Yoshihisa Yasui <Lithography(1 stone plate) 68,3×53,0cm Izumi paper 2013>