As the water pours down, it will drown them both. Dark fantasy concept art

I wanted to breath. I tried to undue the curse. I'd been on this stupid adventure for nothing! Met my stupid crush, met my stupid mermaid best friend, and now we are both going to stupidly die.


“ Fortunato Zanfretta’s abduction story has quickly become one the of most famous reported alien abductions over the last few decades. According to Fortunato, he was abducted by aliens called Dragos from a planet by the name.

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lion roar original oil painting printed on by PaintingsByShmuel

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Here's a collection of not-so-scary but really creative Halloween art ideas featuring pumpkins. Browse through these Halloween artworks and be amazed.

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Featured in Aftercapture magazine First place in Digital Imaging contest Death Romance Series Model and makeup: Mary Male Model: My boyfriend (: Photographer: Michelle Monique Before/After: Behind .