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The ideal home should have a perfect living room, we always want to have a cozy and quiet place. Living room - a place that should suit all the residents of the house or apartment. The living room should be bright and interesting.

estantes no quarto.

Built-in storage shelves are easy and inexpensive when working with cob/adobe/earthship.etc and even remodeling projects.

Built in stone shelves. Cob house

Built in stone shelves in a cob house - thick walls mean lots of extra storage solutions

build your own (inexpensive) house!

Cob bench in straw bale house, easily add shelves to make this not only an awesome window seat, but a reading nook with a view!

lindo quarto

As a kid I had my single bed in a little nook. In college I made a cave out of pillows for my lofted extra long bed. Cavernous and cozy nook for my adult bed? Sounds like a dream come true!

Banheiro em cob

cob bathroom // Owner: Marie Ouhrabka/ Don Henley, Builder: Don Young/ Jon Wild and company involved in finishing work Location: Aspen, Colorado Date of Construction: 1972