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Id, Ego, Superego e a mente consciente e inconsciente - Karina Ferrari

Você sabe o que é Id, Ego e Superego? Eles se relacionam com o campo consciente, pré-consciente e inconsciente. Consciente é somente uma pequena parte da mente

Meet The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness. Which one is YOUR Terrain? Human Nature, New Model, Understanding Yourself, Consciousness, Fractals, Unity, Create Yourself, Reflection, How To Find Out

What Are The Ten Terrains? | The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness

Your Terrain is your core operating system. It underlies your fundamental relationship to reality. It creates your thoughts, your beliefs, your values, your behaviors, your choices and your actions.

Toroid is the Terrain of Trust The Great I Am, Fractal Patterns, Consciousness, Infinite, The Book, Trust, Life Quotes, This Or That Questions, Learning

Toroid is the Terrain of Trust

"At Toroid, a person is starting to understand that everything is one Infinite Consciousness and that they themselves are part of the greater I AM. This gives them a great sense of trust in life." (Quote from the book "Introducing The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness".) #TenTerrains #Toroid

Of all the ten Terrains of Consciousness, the Coherence-Based Terrain (Spiral) is the most focused on authenticity, Tapestry Quotes, Discover Yourself, Consciousness, Cosmic, Authenticity, The Book, Spiral, No Response, Author

Spiral Authenticity - the Coherence-Based Terrain Of Consciousness

"Those at Spiral seek to live in full authenticity. They seek to discover their own true authentic way for every thing they do, such as their own authentic way of thinking, speaking, eating, moving, living, behaving and being. These many authenticities add up to their own unique energetic thread in the Cosmic Tapestry." (Quote from the book "Introducing The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness".)

Pin interesting things to this Board and we can all discuss which of the ten Terrains Of Consciousness they are coming from. Community Boards, The Creator, How To Apply, Social Media, Canning, Consciousness, Knowledge, Social Networks, Home Canning

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