Center piece ideas

Brudslöja are what the little white flowers are called and i just find them so pretty. Small little table center pieces wit these and then one bigger one for the main table. With lilac roses. And little flower sticks with table number :)

Floral hotair balloon decor

Disco "balls" for the VIP tables - "ball" can be a balloon covered in silver glitter & supported by wire, base can be bright flowers. Other tables could be different neon colored balloons

Ideias de decoração para um casamento ao ar livre                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Ideias de decoração para um casamento ao ar livre

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This was a real Paradise for Girls. This paper flower wall was one of our 4 installations for stand during in Italy.

mobile feutrine animaux de la foret

felt animal mobile or just felt animals in my case. (I don't have kids to make a mobile for. But I love the idea of having cute little felt animals around for kids to play with when they come over!


Как я люблю кукол!