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Morrissey performing on stage during his 'Kill Uncle' tour,

Morrissey Shadowed

death-of-a-discodancer: “Morrissey photographed by the Douglas Brothers, 1992 ”

Sweet, speccy Moz, and Johnny looking fab in profile.

Morrissey and Johnny Marr: before The Smiths’ GLC 'Jobs For A Change' Festival concert at Jubilee Gardens, London, England on June


Morrissey on stage with The Smiths at Royal Albert Hall, London, England on April 1985 -- photographer unkonown.


"I want to thank everyone for being so beautiful (Moz-esque beat) I include myself in that statement." next song starts.

Robbie Keane and Morrissey

Morrissey visiting his cousin Robbie Keane at an LA Galaxy game.Wait what! -- World of Sport - Yahoo!