Jimin BTS You Never Walk Alone

Park Fuvkin Jimin hOT AF with pink hair i'm dying axejdjshgs bts you never walk alone photoshoot

Jimin #BTS1000DAYS

Do I even need to caption this precious little squish? He's actually an angel fight me.

Quando a pessoa te toca e vc tenta desfarçadamente tira a mão dela e manda um olhar tipo:"Não encosta mais quiridinha! "

My heart ; How can he be so cute but sexy at the same time? Like literally what Jimin

C5nuPVvUwAEzXa6.jpg:orig (1365×2048)

Many can do the "Asian Squat," but only BTS's Jimin could make it look like the most adorable sitting position of all time.

Được nhúng


jiminie ❤️ ahhh my favourite colour! its sooo cute on him ^.

뭐가 저리 좋을까 오늘 너무 즐거웠어요 #JIMIN 3/4

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