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Neuron – Sinapse

Study suggests fibromyalgia pain is caused by small fiber neuropathy.I was actually tested for small fiber nerve issues including neuropathy and the test showed no problems. I experience neuropathy symptoms but don't have it at all.

Nerve Impulse Transmission within a Neuron: Action Potential

Signals are transmitted from neuron to neuron via an action potential, when the axon membrane rapidly depolarizes and repolarizes. Read more about nerve impulse transmission within a neuron: action potential in the Boundless open textbook.

limbic system

Limbic System limbic system appsychtextbk limbic systemlimbic system 6 best images of human brain diagram limbic system brain limbiclimbic system mcgraw hill online lear

Dendrite in the Human Brain | microscope # cerebellum # neurons

Dendrite in the Human Brain . Microscope # cerebellum # neurons ~ I thought it was a haunted tree .

Entrena tu cerebro…Cambia tu vida

How Do Nootropics Work? Research into the Benefits of these supplements. Which Nootropics work best?