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I would install solar panels on the roof, cover the concrete porch with wood, minimize the size of the stones leading to the stairs in the third picture, and replace the black walls with wood. -HSG modern 300 house in Vilnius by NG architects

Rodrigo Quadrado - casavogue.globo.com

Uma árvore na decoração da sala

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Modern villa in Spain by NG architects www.lt: Modern villa in Spain by NG architects www.

Concrete House by Matt Gibson Architecture

Concrete House / Matt Gibson Architecture

Não há como construir uma coisa assim sem saber DEMAIS o que está fazendo. Infiltrações e raízes das arvores acabariam com tudo, se não for extremamente bem feito.

Dream House Green Roof Design Ideas with Indoor-Outdoor Living Space - Home Design and Home Interior

Casa Caúcaso, no México, com projeto de JJRR/ARQUITECTURA

Galeria de Casa Caúcaso / JJRR/ARQUITECTURA - 1

Location: Ciudad de México, México - Located in a residential area of Mexico City, the Caucaso House rises ft above the level of sidewalk in order to take advantage of the view, since the land is…

Concrete House-Estudio Valdes Arquitectos-01-1 Kindesign

Modern concrete house in the Chilean mountains

This fascinating modern concrete dwelling was designed by Chilean architects Estudio Valdés Arquitectos, positioned high atop the rugged mountains of Chile.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then the absence of space is the father of good architecture. It is nothing short of amazing what can be down with limited square footage when the demand is high enough.

Project: Manhattan Micro Loft Architect: Specht Harpman Architects 425 square foot New York Apartment/Loft that demonstrates and efficient use of space. The project embodies the concept of "living platforms" to divide the small space.