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Havamal 82

A middle aged guy trying to find his way and recover his meaning. I train hard in self defense and strength, and seek traditional ways and meaning.

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To ask well, to answer rightly, Are the marks of a wise man: Men must speak of men's deeds, What happens may not be hidden Wise is he not, who is never silent Mouthing meaningless words: A glib tongue that goes chattering Sings to its own harm.

CrowsAbbey by Peyop

The castle -- He didn't know whether to fear, or embrace the sunlight. How rare it shown, and yet, how brightly it lit the shadows. When things are in darkness, secrets can be kept. But light had a strange way of unearthing even the darkest truths.


The Patrol Captain told Alicia tales and legends of days so far past that few living could recall even the essences of those stories that had been legends when they were first told.