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a collage of yoga images with the words in different languages and pictures on them
Визуал Instagram для тренера по йоге, лента Инстаграм для онлайн-йоги
a book cover with the title'feel it to heal it'in black and white
an aerial view of the ocean waves and sand
an open book sitting on top of a white table
the words as free as the ocean are drawn in black ink
the underside of a butterfly's wing is shown
there are many different pictures with the words nature on them in brown and beige colors
Mood board
A neutral background with 4 beach inspired images of rocks, waves on the shoreline, a palm tree, and an umbrella with their corresponding hex codes pulled from each image. There is a coloured circle beside each image. Titled: Canva Colour Story + Hex Codes Pantone, Colour, Color Design Inspiration, Color, Colour Pallete, Color Palette, Color Palette Design
Canva Colour Palette with Hex Codes - Canva Designs
4 separate photos with their corresponding colour codes beside them but laid out in an aesthetically pleasing layout. photos are of leaves, water Ideas, Layout, Natural Design, Kolor
Canva Colour Palette with Hex Codes - Canva Designs