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Claudio Cas :Fighter 12.5"

Hello Friends, I wanted to share with you this Fighter which just finished. The blade has nice bevels!

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Scythian Handmade Damascus Steel Knife

During the Achaemenid Persian empire, employing foreign soldiers as mercenaries became commonplace. One of the “fringe” territories that became a strong asset to the .

NORA knives BLOG – Nora Knives

Created by NORA knives, find information here regarding our products and process and also general information regarding kitchen knives and cutlery.

Triple Torment - Get the two beads side by side.

Look for a wooden puzzle at Bits and Pieces, including our challenging wooden puzzles with beaded cords. These beaded string puzzles are fun Christmas gifts for the puzzlers in your life.


Puzzle IQ Games - , by D-Toys, This is a high quality wooden puzzle from D-Toys. It is designed to test your logic IQ. Your task is simple Just work out how to remove the red ring from the string. Sounds Simple Have a go and s.