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Carlo Contin: Avvitamenti

At Milanese gallery Carlo Contin presents a series of limited editions that tell us a concrete story of culture about materials, both ethical and aesthetical.

Altered Appliances

Joanne Choueiri, Giulia Cosenza, Povilas Raskevicius from Rotterdam's Piet Zwart Institute created a set of patterned rolling pins that let.

Next Stop Eurodisney

Next Stop Eurodisney

Mocho stool

Designed by João Timóteo and Helena Fernandes, “Mocho” is a traditional Portuguese bench with a.


Designed by Renée Boute and Lisanne van Zanten, Tastemaker is a cutlery set that includes a spoon and a fork that will make you experience sweet or salty flavors more intense.



Stool 1

Bushcraft series - Tripod L(by Ruben der Kinderen) The Bushcraft Series is an ongoing series of products inspired by bushcraft (survival) techniques. Special because it is a modular system whose objects are asse