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a young man wearing a hat and black shirt standing in a room next to a wall
a man sitting on a couch holding a glass in one hand and looking off to the side
a man in a tuxedo with flowers on his head and one hand near his mouth
a young man standing in front of a window covered in water droplets and sprays
a young man leaning on the edge of a balcony looking at the camera with city in the background
a man dressed in costume holding a stick and looking at the camera while standing next to him
Ashile sun ( the long ballad )
a young man sitting in the grass wearing a green and white sweater with fringes
a young man dressed in traditional chinese clothing and holding his finger up to the side
Love Like The Galaxy
Chinese, Men, Guy, Drama
a young man standing in front of a soccer field
a shirtless young man sitting on top of a couch holding a remote control in his hand
a young man wearing a black shirt and chain around his neck
Art, Boyfriend, Boyfriend Material