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aesthetic classroom inspo
a black and white graphic with words that read 100 lollipop licks
100th Day!!! It's Almost Here!!
a bag of pops candy sitting on top of a table
100th Day Math Freebies
months of the year printables for students to use on their classroom calendars
a classroom wall with a large white board and lots of magnets on it
Must-Do, May-Do
The Best Way to Make Glitter Ornaments • Color Made Happy
christmas treats are displayed in bowls on a table
Christmas Chex™ Party Mix
a bowl filled with christmas puppy chow next to another bowl full of candy and pretzels
Reindeer Food Recipe (Christmas Puppy Chow)
Cupcake Ornament DIY • Color Made Happy
some very pretty decorated cakes on top of a wooden table with the words creative terra cota holiday crafts start your project
Explore terra cotta pot holiday craft ideas from The Home Depot.