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A recent study of different cat breeds found that sphynx cats tend to be the sweetest kitties towards strangers.

Some feline breeds are a lot friendlier and choosing one of those friendliest cat breeds would be the wisest decision if you are looking for a family pet.

Sphinx kitten....aaaaaa....so so adorable

Are you new to owning a cat and are worried about how to take care of cats? Caring for cats depend on you for a lot of things like water, food, shelter, clean litter box and most important thing is love and attention.

One day, in sha Allaah i will have one <3 amazing animals

The Donskoy cat is a breed of cat known also by several other names including the Don Sphinx, Russian Donskoy, Russian Hairless and Don Hairless, is a unique breed of cat that is a great family pet.