Receita de trufas de Nutella

nutella truffles - should this even be allowed? I can hardly not eat the entire jar of nutella when I open it to spread on my toast. How will I have the willpower to not eat all the NUTELLA truffles?

Bala de gelatina para festa infantil. Dura fora da geladeira!!!

Receita de bala de gelatina

Homemade Gummy Candies - Make your own homemade fruit snacks with this gummy candies recipe.

Um pedaço de juta recobre os potinhos de vidro, cheios de guloseimas. A lembrancinha agrada tanto aos adultos como às crianças

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tirillas de gelatina

Jello Worms - Tie a bunch of straws together. pur gelatin into straws. let it sit over night in the fridge. take the straws and let gelatin slide out AND THERE YOU GO! You have jello worms! How to Eat Fried Worms. (Maybe jello shot worms.

Bala de Coco Caseira  Receita de Rosa Gonçalves Biagi

Bala de coco caseira

bala de coco caseira (homemade coconut sweets) - recipe by rosa gonçalves biagi - they simply melt in your mouth in seconds - wonderful!

balas de goma

Homemade Gumdrops: Goodie Goodie Gumdrops 4 Tbsp gelatin (that’s about 6 envelopes) 1 cup cold water 1 cups boiling water 4 cups sugar tsp flavored extract like lemon or peppermint drops food coloring (I used four colors) extra sugar for coating


Balas de Gelatina (sem açúcar)

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